6 Essentials For A Healthy Grind: Part 3


All right! So, we have discussed being a healthier entrepreneur and have found ways to get into action! Let’s look into my top 6 favorite foods that will keep you energized to power through your day.

1. I highly recommend eating a daily salad! There are key requirements for this salad, however!

-The salad must be chock full of dark, leafy greens! This should be the base of all of your salads and your greens must be served in abundance.

-Include a rainbow of produce! Add carrots, snap peas, bell peppers, sliced radishes, red onions… Whatever you like! Be creative! The more variety of color, the more you will be sure to consume a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients!

-Don’t drown your salad in a sea of dressing! Minimally add dressing. A couple of tablespoons is enough. Toss your salad in the dressing for even distribution to enhance the flavor.

-You should have more dark leafy greens and rainbow colored produce than you do croutons, meat, cheese, eggs, etc. These items, honestly are not necessary to make your salad a well balanced meal. These items are treats in comparison to the rest of the items in your salad.

2. Eating dark leafy greens in abundance should, always, be done. Outside of having a daily salad, eat collard greens, kale, spinach, or swiss chard. Find creative ways to prepare the dishes. If you would like a creative recipe for dark leafy greens, send an email to prosperitymeals@brandilynette.com with the subject line Dark Leafy Greens. I’ll be happy to share a popular recipe that my meal prep clients love!

3. I do not advocate for vitamins that come in capsule or pill form because there are far too many other ways to up your vitamin, nutrient, and mineral content, naturally. Your green powders will work wonders! Get some spirulina, chlorella, or sea moss. Add liquid chlorophyll and the listed green powders to your smoothies or freshly pressed juices.

4. Having low iron levels will keep you very tired! There are natural ways to increase your iron level without having to be constipated by iron supplements that are traditionally prescribed. There is a liquid supplement called Floradix that will help. It tastes like fruit juice and can be added to drinks or smoothies. Eating an abundance of red, blue, and purple foods is helpful, as well, because they are great for your blood.

5. Stay hydrated! I cannot emphasize this enough! Imagine your body as a plant. We all know that plants, if not watered, will look very lethargic and dehydrated. Your body is not different. The way the plant looks when it is not watered is the same way the inside of your body and your cells look when you are not properly hydrated. Who wants to walk around looking like a severely dehydrated plant on the inside? Drink more water!

6.A probiotic will take you a long way! A good probiotic keeps the “good vs bad” bacteria that naturally live in the gut area nicely balanced. This helps with efficient digestion. As mentioned before, when your digestive system works optimally, you will experience better energy. This is because your body can disperse its energy efforts to other parts of your body to optimize all functions, versus concentrating its efforts on digestion.

Adding more of my top 6 favorite foods, along with the other tips I have given you in the previous two blogs in this series, will be sure to have you scaling up in your entrepreneurial endeavors in 2018. Your grind will prosper and will, definitely, be highly respected!