Grow Your Business With These 6 Investments

Growing your business requires you to invest both time and money.  If you don’t invest in your business, you cannot expect to grow. When I began to invest into my photography brand, I began to see a huge difference in not only my work, but I started to receive an influx of business inquiries.  I went from having one gig a month, to one gig every weekend, to having multiple jobs per day.  I was starting to get noticed; my name was popping up in conversations, and the number of referrals began to increase.  However, that did not happen by accident.  I transformed my business in one year and made a name for myself.  Below are some ways you can grow your business no matter what industry you’re in.   

Volunteering is a great way to invest in your business.  You might not be investing money but you are definitely investing your time.  I volunteered with a magazine company and I volunteered at my mentor’s photography studio.  I learned so many new skills and was exposed to a new level of thinking, a new level on how to run my business, and I increased both my network.  You know what they say? You must increase your network to increase your networth.  Being connected to other people has the potential to open up doors that might not have always been available simply because you were not in a particular network.  However, when you decide to volunteer, make sure you volunteer somewhere you know will benefit you.  Your time is valuable, so be sure to invest your time wisely.

Purchasing books and magazine will cost you the least amount of money compared to the other investments I have listed.  Books and magazines are packed with tons of knowledge about every topic you could possibly think of, you just have to find it.  You want to learn how to cook, start a business, run a nonprofit, manage your social media, filing taxes, the business of a makeup artist, real estate, changing your mindset; whatever it is you need to know you can find an article and book about your particular topic. Visit your local bookstore or simply search on amazon.  If you want to shop my personal library, Click Here.

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Attend a workshop! Technology has made it possible for you to even attend online workshops.  Workshops will give you the opportunity to acquire new information, network, and depending on the workshop set up, you might be able to get some hands on experience.  The workshops I’ve attended gave me the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills, and hear from different panelist their story, struggles, and breakthroughs.  Remember not all workshops are created equal, so be sure to research to see if there a is a potential benefit. If you are having trouble finding workshops to attend, search eventbrite for both local and non-local.  Don’t be afraid to hop on a train or plane to a workshop that will expand your business.

I don’t know a business that does not require some form of equipment and technology.  This could be a more quality laptop, desktop, tablet, phone, printer, etc. As a photographer my equipment involves the technology I just listed along with quality cameras, quality lenses, software, accounting programs, and editing software.  “You are only as good as your equipment” is what my mentor told me.  You can be the best cook, beautician, makeup artist, videographer, but your lack of equipment and technology can be holding you back from reaching your full potential.  

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard from famous influencers that you must attend a conference.  When Steve Harvey says to attend a conference, you attend a conference.  When Lisa Nichols says to attend a conference, you attend a conference.  People who have the lifestyle, businesses, and wit that you admire, you better do what they tell you to do; simply, because they are informing you of what has helped to shape their lives and businesses.  Conferences can give you the opportunity to meet corporate sponsors, connect with power players, attend workshops, listen to experts, and walk away with a ton of helpful content to help grow your business.  I’ve only been to one conference which was Blogalicious 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.  To learn more about my experience click here.  Right now I have my eye on the Act Like A Success Conference, The BLINK Conference, Summit Live, and the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Summit.  If you have any conferences that you recommend please leave them in the comment box below.   

Business Coaching, both group or one on one, has a ton of benefits; however, all business coaches are not created equal.  Before you invest in a business coach, be sure to do your research and make sure that coach is right for you and can help solve your business frustrations.  I hired my first business coach my second year in business and I can definitely say it was worth the investment.  My business coach pushed me outside my comfort zone, supported me in my workshop, introduced me to new ways of marketing, helped me to increase my network, and introduced me to new business systems.  Now, just because you hire one coach does not necessarily mean you have to stick with that one coach.  There are entrepreneurs who have different coaches for different things.  Life coaches can help you move forward with your goals and to get organized.  Marketing coaches can help you develop marketing strategies to help you become more visible.  Writing coaches can help you publish your first books. Branding coaches can help you define, develop, and design both your personal and business brand.  So before you hire a coach do your research to see if that particular coach can help you move forward.

Building a profitable and sustainable business requires both time and money.  If you are serious about growing your business and you haven’t invested the time and money, you are overdue. You need to start not now, but more like yesterday. To start investing in your business you can start searching on Eventbrite for up and coming workshops and seminars.  Search Amazon for new equipment and technology that can help your business be more effective and efficient.  Visit your local bookstore to figure out which books will help you move forward. Start researching conferences for this year or next year.  I will warn you that conferences are not cheap, so if your budget is tight don’t be afraid to ask to volunteer.  I challenge you to start investing now.  Time waits on no one.  The longer you wait to invest, the longer it will take for you to reap what you sow.