7 Unhealthy Business Habits To Leave in 2017

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Over the course of our business career we pick up habits; some healthy and some unhealthy. Maybe you wake up early or wake up late. Maybe you plan your content or you wait to the last minute?  We all have those healthy and unhealthy habits that we develop to try to move our businesses forward.  However, a new year is approaching and this is our chance to make some positive changes to our business.  Here are a few bad habits that you can leave in 2017 so you can have a healthy, productive, and prosperous 2018.

1. Doing Everything Yourself: When I tell you I’m over this life. I am definitely over this life.  If you think you can run a full blown business by yourself you are dreaming and holding yourself back from potential growth. I learned shortly after launching Respect Her Grind, LLC that I was going to need assistance right away. A couple of months later I picked up two social media managers and I still need help.  So for 2018 I will definitely be adding more people to the team.

2. Not Having A Mentor: Having a mentor who is knowledgeable and wiser about the industry you want to work in is vital to your business. A mentor can guide, educate, and motivate you to move forward. A good mentor will also push you to new heights because they see potential in you; however, at the end of the day you have to put in the work.  A mentor can give you the tools and resources you need but they will not do the work. So once you find your mentor be ready to put in the work.

3. Not Investing: You can’t possibly think you can make money without investing money.  I know you’ve heard the quote, ‘It takes money to make money.”  Now everyone’s investment might be a little different. Some people might need to only invest $500 and others could be a quarter of million.  The investment amount varies on the business but some investments that you should not shy away from is professional website, photoshoot, video promotion shoot, new products, a business coach, an office space, or new technology.  However, before you invest just be sure to do your homework and invest wisely.

4. Your Poor Mindset: You don’t think you can make over $100,000.  You think only certain groups of people can have an assistant or can go on luxury vacations.  You tricked yourself into believing that you will never be able to quit your job.  What you think is what you will manifest. When you change your way of thinking you change your way of living. Leave that poor thinking in the past and start developing a wealthy mindset. Say to yourself everyday that, “I am wealthy and prosperous.” “I have an abundance of wealth.” One of my favorite money affirmations from Shanel Cooper-Sykes is, “Money flows to me easily and effortlessly.” Write down these affirmations and say them daily. When your mindset changes your actions will change with it.  

5. Not Taking Care Of Your Health: Health is wealth. When your health is in good standing you have the ability to focus, make boss moves, tackle hard projects, and have the physical capacity to keep up with the workflow.  Eating bad and not working out will depress your immune system which will cause you to be ill more frequently.  When you’re ill it will slow down your progression. I want you to take a closer look at how health can truly affect your business and brand. Click Here to read 3 Ways Your Health Can Affect Your Personal And Business Brand.  

When you change your way of thinking you change your way of living.
— Mena Darre

6. Comparing Yourself To Others: Social media will have you feeling down and out. Every time you scroll down your social feed someone is doing what you want to do and they are doing it better.  Well guess what! Their will always be someone who is doing bigger and better things; however, you cannot compare yourself to others because you don’t know anyone’s back story. All you can do is to keep your head is in the game, make strategic boss moves, invest in your growth, and staying focused on driving your business and no one else’s. Do not allow social media to lower your spirits.  If taking a break from social media is what you need to do to get out of this comparing phase then do it.

7. Not Staying Up To Date On Your Industry: With the fast pace of modern technology industries are forever changing.  Think about it.  The photography industry went from dark room to digital. The food industry now offers more gluten free foods. The hair industry now offers a wide range of braiding hair and natural hair products. The car industry is now creating electric cars.  The book industry now offers ebooks and audiobooks.  What new trends are occurring in your industry? If you don’t know the answer to this questions then you’re not doing enough research. You have to start researching so you can stay ahead of the game.  Just know staying ahead is a lot less easier than trying to catch up.  

We all develop bad habits it’s apart of being human.  However, it is up to you to recognize and replace those bad and unhealthy habits with healthy, prosperous, and positive habits. We would love to know what habits you plan to leave in 2017. Be sure to let us know in the comment box. Happy New Years!