Highlights From Blogalicious Miami


I was not planning to attend Blogalicious 9, but out of nowhere something amazing happened.  I ended up receiving a text message from the videographer/new friend that I met last year at Blogalicious 8.  He informed me that a brand needed a photographer/videographer to capture their panel discussion and vendor booth. A few days later I’m scrambling to get myself together to catch this flight to Miami.  I am such a planner, so finding out 3 days before the trip that I was going to Miami was stressing me out. If you are Type A or a virgo you probably can understand my dilemma.  Well those three days quickly passed and I made it to Miami in one piece. Thank you God.    

Attending Blogalicious as an attendee and working had a completely different feel, but it was still a life changing experience.  The good thing was that people from last year recognized me and congratulated me on my journey.  I truly felt like magic when a boss like Arsha Jones recognized me and congratulated me on my success.  I was first introduced to Arsha at Blogalicious 8 and I’ve been following her ever since.  Her business Tees In The Trap is so dope but what’s even more dope, is Arsha’s spirit.  She is very sweet, humble, and her energy screams nothing but good vibes.  But see this is what Blogalicious is about; connecting with like minded people and learning how to boss up in all areas of your life.  

Even though I was working part-time and attending the conference part-time; here are my favorite conference highlights.

  1. Myleik Teele! Um, hello, if you don’t know the My Taught You brand; you are truly missing out. I didn’t even know Myleik was speaking at Blogalicious until she released it in her weekly What I’m Feeling Friday email.  I got so excited because that meant I was going to be able to get photos and videos of her. Woot Woot!  Luckily I had my Hustle Journal because I definitely wanted her to sign it.  After her presentation I hopped in line with everyone else to meet her.  I felt like a groupie, but hey, I’m a huge fan so I had to put that stupid ego to the side.  Stacy Ferguson, one of the cofounders and face of Blogalicious interviewed Myleik and if you listen to the My Taught You Podcast you already know she dropped major gems.  Here are just a few quotes from the founder of Curl Box, “Focus on getting dope.” “You need to figure out why I’m poppin.” “Nobody will outwork me.” Yasssssss Myleik! Preach girl!  If you’re not familiar with Myleik, be sure to check out her website www.mytaughtyou.com.

  2. Black Girl Magic! Is it just me or are black girls/women getting more and more magical every day? Sheesh, the fashion and the creativity of my melanin sisters was just amazing.  I have pictures to show you exactly what I’m talking about.  Words can’t even explain.  Just look at the slideshow.  The vibrant colors! The smiles! The makeup! The accessories! Oh and the energy! Nothing but good vibes and dope women.

  3. Kia Motors went hard for Blogalicious 9.  Kia had the best giveaways and they truly catered to the population of the conference, black women.  Kia gave away $50 Sephora gift cards, gave out Fendi samples, and gave away headwraps and paintings from black female vendors.  Kia Motors definitely came through! Thank you Kia Motors.

  4. Nicole Walters! Nicole kicked off the conference at VIP Day with a lesson on pitching brands, aligning yourself with opportunities, and how to leverage your blog and branding statistics.  If you follow Nicole on social media, you know she is hilarious and drops major gems on how to collect that paper.  Nicole joyfully stated, “If your business isn’t making money, then your business is closed.”  Drop the mic! Say no more!  So yes, Nicole dropped gems and she shared her secret sauce.  Sorry I can’t tell you.  You should’ve been there.  Plus she already said if we tell she was going to knock us upside the head with the microphone. End of discussion.  But to find out more about Nicole check her out at www.1k1day.com.

  5. #TribeUp was this years theme for Blogalicious 9.  The message behind #TribeUp is making sure you have the right people in your tribe and what type of people should not be in your tribe.  Danica Kombal was the closing keynote speaker and she shared a couple of golden nuggets.  My favorite was, “Your tribe doesn’t have to look like you.”  Followed behind that was a picture of herself and her 3 black female friends.  Danica went on to explain that your tribe might not be the same sex, ethnicity, gender, etc; and that is okay. With #45 (current president) trying to tear apart our country, great joy comes to my heart when I see whites and blacks join hands despite the state of America.  I’m not sure if other people felt the same but I know that simple statement truly moved me. Any who, don’t stop connecting with others simply because they may not look like you.  

  6. #StopStalling.  I promise I’m not being biased.  Some of you might have known that I was hired for the Stop Stalling Campaign which focuses on educating women on the effects of having an overactive bladder.  The Stop Stalling Campaign wants to encourage women to stop stalling on their health and anything else that pertains to living their best lives.  There was a Stop Stalling wall and some of the messages read, “I will stop stalling and receive my masters degree.” “I will stop stalling and take a cooking class.” “I will stop stalling and design my website.” What will be your stop stalling message for the remainder of 2017?

Blogalicious 9 was freaking amazing.  Stacy Ferguson and her team did an amazing job and I’m super excited to see what's to come for Blogalicious 10.  I’m keeping my prayer hands to the sky because I would definitely like to be hired again. The experience was absolutely great.  In the meantime be sure to check out the gallery below and be sure to like, share, and comment. Thank you kindly.

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