Boss Up In 2018 With These 8 Tips

2018 is here and many of you have goals to boss up for the new year.  The question is do you know what you need in order to boss up? Do you know what is required to take it to the next level?  We like to use adjectives, quotes, and phrases that sound good but don’t know what to do in order to move forward.  Posting pretty pictures and cool phrases doesn’t result in bossing up.  So here are 8 action items you can do to actually Boss Up your business/brand in 2018.  

  • New Or Updated Website:  Many new entrepreneurs begin their entrepreneur journey through family, friends, and social media.  I know because I was one of those people..  However, if you want to take yourself a little bit more serious you need to invest in a professional website.  A well designed website can help build credibility, show professionalism, and of course bring in an income.  Your website should at least have these basics pages: a page displaying your product and or service with the option to purchase, an about me page, and contact page. Of course your website can have more but these 3 pages are highly recommended.  If you already have a website be sure to keep it up to date and engaging.  If you want to upgrade your website consider changing your template, adding new pictures, videos, GIFS, and content. Keep your audience engaged and excited to scroll through your website. If you are interested in having a website designed CLICK HERE to fill out the questionnaire.

  • Professional Photoshoot: How long are you planning to use your selfie or a cropped out usie as your headshot?  Let me just ask you this. What if Oprah or a local magazine contacted you and said we would love to feature you please send a headshot and quick bio by tomorrow.  You are super excited and you send over the low resolution image and bio; but after that crickets.  They by passed your bio and headshot and chose someone who actually looked the part.   Ouch!  Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. Professional images captivates the audience, grasp the attention of others, and shows your level of professionalism.  Just google headshots of your favorite celebrities.  None of them have headshots that are used by a camera phone simply because they take their work to serious.  Why shouldn’t you? If you cannot invest in your brand what makes you think others will?

  • Adding Video: Have you noticed that just about every social platform involves video?  Your video could be a LIVE post or an actual professional video or commercial.  Video allows your audience to see you in action which of course builds the know, like, and trust factor.  Based off research video post receive more engagement and more social shares.  More social shares can increase your chances of getting more exposure and hopefully more potential clients.  

No Coin Left Behind
— Mena Darre
  • Add A Product: Respect Her Grind is a service based business but we decided to add products to go along with the mission of the business.  Products allow you to create passive income which of course brings in more cash flow.  Products you could offer are t-shirts, hats, mugs, planners, notebooks, ebooks, water bottles, etc. Figure out what product you could offer that makes sense for your business. Just think someone purchased a service from you and decided to grab an inspirational t-shirt or notebook.  Well guess what you just made an extra $20 which might not seem like much but multiply that by 10 customers or 20 customers.  I’ll take an extra $200-$400 a month. Guess what? That’s a plane ticket, an extra payment on your student loans, or a new photoshoot.  Secure the bag boss.    

  • Offer A New Service: In 2017 was your audience constantly asking if you offered a particular service? I know for me as the owner of Mena Darre Photography I was constantly receiving videography inquiries. Mid 2017 I decided that I was going to incorporate videography services to my packages.  I didn’t think twice about it because it made sense for my brand.  If your clientele is constantly asking for a particular service it could help to expand your brand.  My new motto is, “No Coin Left Behind.” Secure the money bags and consider offering a new service but only if it makes sense for your brand.

  • Host An Event: I absolutely love events.  Events can show off your level of influence. Events allow people to interact with you. Events will allow you to educate and get in front of your audience and new potential supporters and customers.  Social Media has people hiding behind their computer and phone screen.  We tend to forget that there is power in human interaction. You could host a networking event, empowerment event, meet ups, workshops, how to’s, demonstrations, presentations, galleries, etc. Figure out what can you do to bring you and your audience together other than on your social media newsfeed.  Remember people do business with people they like. So give them an opportunity to connect with you on a more personable basis and not just through social media.

  • New Marketing Tactics: As the owner of two businesses I know my goal is to always expand and meet new clients.  Think about what new marketing tactics you can incorporate in the year of 2018 that will help expand your network.  A few of my favorite marketing tactics are Facebook lives, Facebook ads, and connecting with others at events and workshops.  There are so many marketing tactics you can do such as strategic collaborations, being a vendor at events, becoming a member of an organization, tv commercials, brand ambassadors, contest, giveaways, etc.  Pick one of the many I named and get started on increasing your brand visibility with a new marketing strategy.

  • Hire A Team: You cannot build your brand all by yourself. Typically in the beginning business owners want their hands in everything; answering the phone calls, replying to the emails, designing the website, planning the events, writing the blog post, etc.  Well guess what those things become tiresome and overwhelming.  As a business owner you are responsible for bringing in the money.  It will be wise if you hire a sales team to handle generating new leads and closing out the sale. Another option is focusing on the money generating activities and outsourcing the rest.  If you plan to scale your business you have to hire a team because you cannot do it all by yourself.

I hope these 8 tips helped or at least sparked an idea or two on how to boss up your business/brand for the new year.  As a business owner I am always thinking about ways to grow and expand. Who knows where my companies will go if I continue to boss up each and every year.  If you plan to use any of these tips please share in the comment box below.   Also, don’t forget to share with your bossed up friends.  Grind Together Shine Together!