5 Free Email Courses To Help You Grow Your Business

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As someone who wears a few hats (social media maven, content queen, customer service provider, I could go on), I am constantly looking for ways to learn more in less time. After all, nobody teaches you how to effectively market a business in school (and even if they did, whatever you learned 5 years ago no longer applies in the real world). So, most entrepreneurs not only have to teach themselves the ropes, but they need to launch their business and try not to blow all of their money in the process.

As overwhelming as it all can be, one of my favorite resources is the free email course. Tons of great companies and marketers have free week or month-long email courses to help you learn how to grow your business through marketing, emails, social media, and more. Email is a great vessel for learning because it’s convenient (you’ll be checking your email anyway), easy (no need to log into a separate website or download a stupid video platform), AND you’re more likely to succeed if you work in daily chunks, rather than trying to cram a course into one weekend.

Over the years, I have tried many an email course. Some have sucked (boo), but others have truly transformed my marketing strategy and helped me bring in more readers and customers. I would suggest sticking with one course at a time (you don’t want to overwhelm yourself!). Here’s the lowdown on the best free email courses out there:

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By: Ash Ambirge from the Middle Finger Project

My favorite copywriter in the whole wide world recently came out with a 25 day email crash course on making bank as a freelancer. Over the course of 5 weeks, she covers: how to structure your pricing, creating an email course to nurture leads, controlling the conversation with clients, and her specialty, using words to woo the world. By the end of the challenge, you will have a brand new email marketing strategy (and probably some new favorite choice phrases, courtesy of Ash).

Sign up if: your website needs to kick it up a notch or you feel hopeless about email marketing.

Why I love this challenge: Ash is a hoot (I mean, the woman’s logo is a giant middle finger) and I looked forward to reading her emails every day. Plus, her advice actually worked: I participated in this challenge to create the next resource on this list!

Most small business owners start their company because they love what they do, not because they are star salespeople. However, you have to learn how to sell in order to control your cash flow and survive. So what’s a girl to do? This 20 day email challenge will take you through basic sales strategy and the tips and tricks every top performer already practices. We’ll cover: good sales habits, how to find more leads, talking to your client 101, and my #1 secret to minimizing sales work while maximizing closed deals.

Sign up if: you are just starting out and need some little sales wins to help you grow.
Why I love this challenge: Aside from the fact that I wrote this email series (and I am, of course, madly in love with my own work), it has helped the small business owners I talk to every day. They want more than advice; each email is a (loving) kick in the pants every morning to make sure that they actually execute.

With 25 daily lessons that take just 10 minutes to complete, the Buffer team will take you through everything you need to know about social media as a marketer for your own business. They cover: hidden instagram features, where to get the best stock photos, how to build your brand through content creation, and more. I use Buffer to help schedule out my social media posts (and it has saved me literally hours a month), so I consider them my #1 resource for all things social media.

Sign up if: you know the social media basics, but want to slowly wade into the more complex stuff.

Why I love this challenge: It’s a continuation of their stellar blog and distills the main social stuff you need to know into bite sized chunks. I didn’t use every tip in this challenge (I don’t do video marketing, for example), but it was great to get new ideas in my inbox every AM.

If you haven’t gathered from this list already, I think email marketing is pretty spankin’ important. It’s also really hard; everyone is inundated with emails, and you need to somehow convince folks not only to sign up for your newsletter but open each subsequent email. Noah is a successful entrepreneur (he used to work at Facebook), and his course covers the basics of getting people invested in your emails: optimizing your homepage, finding great content ideas, and becoming a content influencer.

Sign up if: you have an email list and you’re ready to double it.

Why I love this challenge: I’m currently participating in this course! It’s given me some new ideas for recycling content and using stellar pieces to hook more subscribers.

If you want to dip your toe into email courses, this is a great place to start. Shawn will walk you through 6 simple tips to help you reclaim your time (and who doesn’t need more of that?). The course covers: how to actually be productive (instead of just putting out fires), the importance of giving your day some breathing room, and how to overcome the “urgency” mindset.

Sign up if: you want a course that is focused more on your mindset as a leader and owner, and less on actual business strategy.

Why I love this course: It is short and sweet, and it will give you actionable tips on thinking and acting with purpose. Plus, it’s easier than reading a book.

Stuck on which course to check out first? Email me at julia.zasso@lessannoyingcrm.com or tweet at me @Julia_Zasso, and we can chat.

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