Embrace The No!

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So many people think becoming an entrepreneur is an easy process like you just decide to go after your dreams and everything just falls into place. I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but that is not true! It takes courage to be able to step out on faith and grind hard for your dreams but if you’re not ready to embrace the struggles that come along with it you might want to reconsider. There is nothing like having the freedom to create your own schedule, travel and spend time with those you love but it takes a lot of late nights and early mornings to get to that place. The reason why so many people fail is that they run the moment failure happens to them. They run back to what’s comfortable and live in fear that they will never be successful and that is the very reason why they are not. You have to learn to push past your doubts, fears, and failures if you’re serious about seeing your dreams come true.  One of the words a lot of people fear to hear is the word no. When you’re moving forward going after your goals you must learn to embrace the word no.  I want to share three ways you can learn to embrace the no.

1.    No mean’s next opportunity!

You must know that you’re going to hear the word no and you’re going to hear it more than you would like but you must learn to embrace the noes.  Hearing no is not the end.  Hearing no should be the launching pad for you to go hard or go home. A no should empower you to keep going to get the yes. When they say no that means it’s time for you to go! Don’t allow fear to hold you back from going after what you say you believe. The dream you have inside of you is not just for you. Somebody is waiting for you to keep fighting until you see your dreams unfold so they will build up the courage to do the same.

2.    Evaluate the no!

When you’re not picked for opportunities learn to evaluate the no. Ask yourself what that opportunity would have done for your brand and if you were ready for that opportunity. Sometimes we want things that we aren’t ready for and that doesn’t mean you’re a failure. When you hear no get honest with yourself about what you need to work on and do the work to become better. Don’t ponder on why you received the no but use it as a stepping stone to continue the journey.

3.    Respect the no!

Are you going to continue to allow every no to stop you from moving forward? Are you going to allow every no you hear to cause you to give up on the very thing you’ve been grinding day and night to accomplish? NO! Respect the no! So what they said no! Move on and keep going! Work harder, work smarter and keep your eyes on the prize. Can you imagine all the things we would not have if someone allowed a no to stop them from creating and accomplishing the goal they’ve set? You’ve got to keep going and know that your yes is coming soon.

Nobody likes to hear the word no but as you’re on your grind to go after your dreams you’ve got to get a tough skin and know that you won’t be for everyone and that’s okay. The gifts you have inside of you are for the world to see and as you’re on the journey to share that gift you’ve got to be comfortable with hearing no. Rejection is just redirection. Be thankful for the no’s and keep grinding until you get the yes.