3 Reasons Why You Should Give Yourself A Makeover

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Winter is almost here and some of us are struggling to get to the finish line.  We’ve been grinding all year and some of us are either kicking into high gear while others are starting to lose their momentum.  Either way a makeover is going to give you that extra boost necessary to grind it out for the remainder of the year.  Your makeover can be whatever you need made over.  Maybe a new haircut or hair color, making over your closet, or maybe your mindset needs a makeover.  Decide on whether you need a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or environmental makeover.  Matter of fact you can pick one from each of the categories and do a total body makeover.  Just know if you are not working on your makeover you’re missing out on these three things.

1.     Boosting Your Confidence! At some point in time we all struggle with our confidence and self-esteem.  Get out of the funk and start feeling great about yourself.  If you decide to shed a few pounds, you will look better on the outside and feel good on the inside.  If you decide to change your hair color, you might begin to feel sexy or youthful.  What you do on the outside will ultimately have an effect on the inside and vice versa.  So do something new with your hair, upgrade your makeup, visit a therapist, join a new dance class, tone your body.  Do what is necessary and healthy to lift your spirits. 

2.     A Beautiful Beginning! When you give yourself a makeover you are getting rid of something; it could be your significant other, some bad habits, an old hair color, some old clothes, etc.  Get rid of it so you can move forward with something or someone new. Do not hold yourself back mentally, spiritually, emotionally, or physically with things or people from the past.  The goal should always be progression.  We are in the season of growth and prosperity. 

3.     Same Ish Just A Different Day! I know you’ve heard that saying before. Well when you decide to give yourself a makeover you break the habit of looking, doing, and thinking the same way.  Your makeover will bring you to a new chapter in your life that should open up doors for joy and excitement.  Your makeover will give you the opportunity to look, do, and feel differently. Can you imagine looking, doing, and thinking the same way for the rest of your life? I cannot. Be open to change, growth, and a new and exciting life.     

The seasons are changing, the leaves are turning colors, the weather is becoming cooler, and the days are getting shorter.  Each and every day Mother Nature is slowly transitioning into a new season. What changes will you make in your life?  What will you get rid of? What are you going to makeover?  I challenge you to make three positive changes by the end of the year.  Embrace change and enjoy the new chapter of your life.

Mena Darre