Girl! Get It Together!


Is your life out of whack?  Do you find yourself drained, self-defeated, hopeless, exhausted, pessimistic, or holding on to negativity?  Well that’s called life; however, that doesn’t mean you allow life to beat you down to the point you can no longer live your best life.  It’s time to GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER.  There are different areas in your life that you can work on starting today that will help you get your life back on track. 

  1. Get Your Health: As a former health and wellness trainer and educator I will always be an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle.  If your health is not in check you can forget about being the best mom, entrepreneur, nurse, teacher, doctor, police officer, etc.  If your health is not your priority, it absolutely needs to become your priority starting now.  Not being healthy will hinder you from being YOUR BEST.  You cannot be your best if you are out of breath from talking.  You cannot be the best parent if you are constantly under tremendous amounts of stress.  Do yourself and your body a favor and get your health in check.  Join a hip-hop dance class, pop into an introductory yoga class, go for a jog, go on a hike with your friends.  If you need professional help? Hire a health coach, visit your doctor, find a nutritionist, or hire a personal trainer.  Do what you have to do to nurse your way back to good health.
  2. Get Your Attitude:  I have come across so many people with some really nasty attitudes.  I am not sure what they experienced in life that made them so angry but, it’s time to let the anger go and get the attitudes in check.  Negative energy is a heavy load to carry; it’s time to lighten the load and get the attitude in check.  If you find your self in a funky mood try writing down all of your negative feelings on a piece of paper.  After that burn the paper until it is nothing but ashes (Do this outside).  Burning the paper symbolizes you letting go of that negative energy and welcoming peace and happiness into your life. If you are suffering from some traumatic experiences please do not turn a blind eye to seeing a licensed therapist.   
  3. Get Your Finances:  Oh my gosh, this is huge for many people.  Some people are swimming in debt, have bad credit, have little to no savings, and trying to keep up with the Jones’s.  Lets do a fact check. Wealth people do not splurge on unnecessary items.  Wealthy people like to bargain and find good deals.  Wealthy people live way below their means.  Stop trying to live like the people you see on Instagram and get your finances in check.  There is so much to know about money and finances I highly recommend taking financial education classes and reading book.  One of my favorite money books for women is Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich. Start educating yourself, do the work now, and get your finances in order.
  4. Get Your Priorities:  What is most important to you at this very moment? Is it going to get your hair done? Is it cutting out student loan debt? Losing weight?  What you choose to prioritize will have a impact your day, week, and years to come.  Just think about it. We all know that exercising and eating healthy should be apart our daily routine; but we choose to ignore it until we develop diabetes or high blood pressure.  If we had your priorities in order we wouldn’t have to worry about weight gain and lifestyle diseases.  Just know that what you choose to prioritize will have a positive or negative effect on your life. Choose wisely.
  5. Get Your Relationships: Relationships doesn’t always mean girlfriend and boyfriend.  Relationships can apply to friendships, family, children, co-workers, or business partnerships. Toxic relationships can really hinder you from moving forward and being happy.  The interesting part is that you can be the problem, someone else can be the problem, or you both are the problem. Your job is to figure it out.  You might need to do some deep reflecting and try to repair and restore the relationship.  On the other hand you might need to simply start cutting people out of your life.  That choice is ultimately yours but you cannot allow toxic relationships to keep you from living your best life. 
  6. Get Your Peace: When you are not at peace a little bit of your soul dies each and every day.  There is so much going on in the world that it is easy to lose yourself and your peace of mind.   Not being at peace will delay true happiness and self-fulfillment.  Being at peace allows you to stay true to yourself, gives you the ability to look past negativity, and it gives you the space to be unbothered by unnecessary non-sense.  If you are not at peace take some time to figure out why and what steps can you take to get there.  Does that require relocating? Praying? Attending therapy? Cutting off unhealthy relationships? Quitting your job? This might be the time to start doing some soul searching.
  7. Get Your PRAISE ON: I don’t care what religion you are affiliated with but I highly recommend that you start thanking your God or your universe for every single thing you have.  We get so caught up in the negative that we forget life can be so much harder.  Take some time to write down everything you are grateful for and everything the universe has blessed you with.  If you cannot be grateful for what you have what makes you think God or your universe will bless you with more?  Start counting your blessings and always practice gratitude. 
  8. Get Your Happy:  So many people are unhappy due to family matters, financial distress, children, job, illnesses, etc. Just to be honest, we are all going to die.  You can die happy and fulfilled or unhappy and unfulfilled.  The choice is yours. Life is too short to stay unhappy.  Write down the things that make you happy and I challenge you to do something that makes you happy on the weekly basis and if possible on the daily basis. You deserve to be happy! Starting creating your happiness today. 

Girl, it is time to get your life together; actually it’s been time.  If one of these key pillars pertains to you use some of the tips and get started.  Getting your life in order is not going to be an easy task, but just know once your life is together your soul will thank you for it.   I hope you enjoyed the article be on the look out for part 2. Girl, Get Your Business Together!