Respect Her Healthy Grind: 4 Tips On How To Stay Healthy As An Entrepreneur Part 1


During my entrepreneurial journey, I have been tired… and then I have been TIRED! The difference? Humph. Well, tired is when you have had a long day of appointments or projects, you ran all over town for the children or just for yourself, and somehow still managed to get other household duties done and finally, you can go to bed!

Then, there’s the kind of tired where you still have the usual hustle and bustle going on, right? But, no matter how much you work to push forward, you cannot seem to keep your eyes open! So, you put on your favorite super hype music (for me that’s anything Migos, 2 Chainz, or Gucci Mane), you listen to comedy, call your best friend, maybe even scroll through your favorite social media site. And, Still! No Matter What you do, you find it to be inevitable that you must sneak and go to your car to take a power nap!

As the saying goes… The Struggle Is Real!

Reclaim your energy in 2018!
— Brandi Lynette

But, does it have to be???

Let’s face it, all of us aspire to eat better, drink more water, exercise, meditate, and get adequate rest. You and I know very well that we have great intentions! Somewhere during the day, week, or month we get distracted by executing plans to accomplish our grandiose dreams and goals and we are back to chugging down coffee to get a surge of energy while justifying eating junk food as a meal because we are busy.

The answer? It’s simple. It’s the same answer that is helping you to become a successful, well sought-after entrepreneur: strategy, discipline, focus.

The challenge: Action.

I have assisted many of my clients with taking action and turning their lives completely around with holistic nutrition. I am here to give you the same clarity on how to make taking action easier.

Let’s start with staying healthy as an entrepreneur. Here is a basic list of what all of us need.

  • Adequate rest. Yes, you need to sleep well at night! You need, at extreme bare minimum, 6 hours of sleep per night. You just might need a 10-15 minute power nap during the day, as well.

  • Perfect bowel movements. Yep, you gotta take a dump. For every meal that is consumed, a bowel movement should follow. If this is not the case for you, then you are constipated!

  • Exercise. That will help with a boost of energy. It will, also, help with those bowel movements we just talked about.

  • Vitamins, nutrients, minerals! Oh my! Eating whole foods that are not processed, or minimally processed, is always best because you are more guaranteed to get an abundance of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. For example, magnesium regulates metabolism. When your metabolism is not operating at its best you are more likely to experience fatigue, poor digestion, and challenges with sleeping well. A few food items that are high in magnesium are nuts and seeds, spinach, swiss chard, and beans.

Reclaim your energy in 2018! I am sure you have some BIG goals ahead of you this year. Let’s enjoy the work it takes to get them accomplished by being full of the energy that will assist you with staking your claim in your industry!