The Strategy Behind A Healthy Grind Part 2

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There are some ways we can stay healthy as we trek along the journey of being an entrepreneur, but it can be a challenge finding ways to make it all happen. What are some everyday action steps that will pull it all together?

I am so glad you asked!

In the blog titled Respect Her Healthy Grind! we mentioned it takes strategy, discipline, and focus to implement action. This is where your consistency muscle has to be developed in order to flex and get into action!

Meticulously plan! This not only includes your tasks and appointments for your business or occupation, the family, or events. Here’s what it, also, includes:

  • Budgeting your food expenses. The best way to stay on track is by planning a menu for the week and creating a grocery list based off of that menu.

You must track your food expenses to a T! Become your own paparazzi! Look at it all! It will help you to see where you have money leaks as it pertains to food purchases. Are you eating out too much? Not, preparing meals at home enough? If you need assistance with looking over your food expenses, you can schedule a complimentary consultation at so we can get you on track!

  • Drink Water!!! This helps to reduce the amount of money you are circulating towards beverages. And, it will help with keeping you properly hydrated!

  • Lastly, stay plugged in to a community of some sort that will keep you focused, give you creative ideas from others shared experiences, and even hold you accountable. You are welcome to join my free facebook group, Manifest Prosperity with Brandi Lynette to gain access to such as group.

We have all heard the phrase, “Proper planning prevents poor performance”. Master your planning, get the materials set up and prepared, and Execute Like Bosses Do! These steps will help you to Respect Your Grind!