Winning MISS USA: 5 Things We Can Learn From Kara McCullough And Her Natural Beauty

Photo Cred: Glamour Magazine

Photo Cred: Glamour Magazine

An example of women of natural beauty comes with a consecutive win from African-American Miss USA winners. The first was Deshauna Barber and the second Kara McCullough, both from District of Columbia. For the past several years, women have changed media and world images about being natural and proving the need for displaying aspects of self-identity and cultural awareness.   Women have been hiding behind wigs, perms, and sew-ins since the 60’, 70’s and 80’s and now natural is back! Women denied the holistic approach and are now flaunting their natural hair. Today, this trend is getting more attention and women are embracing their true identity and the new generation of  millennium women are influencing big brands, creating their own product that speaks to the natural woman.

 No longer do African-American women need to compare themselves to other cultures for approval of aesthetics.  Women can now be secure in showing their natural beauty. This year’s Miss USA winner, Ms. Kara McCullough, is a 25 year old scientist, working in STEM at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Industry. She has proven to be a well-rounded, talented individual, who was able to wear her natural style throughout the entire pageant. Looking back on these historic moments of the Miss USA pageant, we can learn to embrace 5 winning moments to live out dreams and set high personal goals.

5 Winning Moments:

Embrace Your Intelligence- Women can now take active roles in pursuing their dreams in technology no matter if you're a feminist or as Kara McCullough coins the term "equalist" perspective.  There will be the possibility that there will opportunities for all if you work hard enough and grind your way up to be among the best. 

Embracing Your Natural Beauty- “Natural Beauty” has a different meaning to each person. It can mean not having to change or conform to what is normal; staying true to yourself and what you believe. Miss USA 2017 did just that, she wanted to stand out among the rest. Kara, dazzled the stage with her beauty and brains, which made her a unique candidate at this year’s contest.  She was able to win over the audience and the judges by just being herself and selling her winning personality. 

Embrace Your Beauty at the Workplace- You don't have to wonder why natural is now being accepted. First Lady, Michelle Obama was a natural all eight years at the White House, and women are heading the way for holistic and health purposes. This is a good sign that women are acknowledging the power of the natural realm of aesthetics and wearing their crown.

Embracing Your Feminist side- Miss USA 2017 really admires what feminism movement has accomplished over many decades. She wants to bring something new and fresh, not to go against the grain, but taking on a new approach for the next generation. She has coined the term "equalist.” (everyone having the same opportunities to having health care and opportunities in STEM.)

Embracing Your Tech Power- In this digital age, you have to stay on your toes and be able to handle what goes with being the 2nd Black Women and Natural Women to winning Miss USA. With Kara McCullough, a social media alarm went off after answering two difficult questions and winning her crown. Never once did she think that her answers would be a backlash to the people that were following her. She quickly realized, because of her position and status, how words can affect other' s and also about the rights and “privileges” American People have strived so hard to attain . Now that Kara McCullough has leverage of being the forefront for women, she needs to carry the torch to help continue the #Blackgirlmagic. 

Miss USA 2017 is embracing her natural hair and intelligence. It is a very admirable thing to do! Women are ecstatic to see themselves accepted as natural beauties and can identify with her natural look. The social media fans are raving about this because not only does it represent women, but alluring women of any color that has natural curly hair, like Tracee Ellis Ross. Tracee Ellis Ross, leading actress on "Blackish" embraces her natural hair as well as being a mom doctor on TV. These positive images really gives our young girls in this tech age an opportunity to think about the endless possibilities in their future as a scientist, engineer, math teacher, astronaut, and other tech careers.

Ms. Kara McCullough is empowering other women to continue to embrace their beauty within their soul. When “Black Girls Rock” went on to make a high impact for women of color to embrace our many gifts, it was just the beginning of our younger generation being able to see beauty within their own culture and not being afraid to step out into their dreams. So, if you are ready to embrace your natural beauty and wear your crown, you are helping others to go beyond what the world is telling you.



Audrey Woodley is Brand Therapist who helps women identify solutions to their brand challenges. She uses new-age problem solving tactics, proven strategies and customized solutions to help women build and sustain a successful brand.