3 Lessons I've Learned As A Mompreneur

Are you struggling to or trying to figure out how to pursue your dreams and start your entrepreneur journey while still working and being a full-time mom? Stoping thinking so hard about the logistics of how it will work and talking yourself out it. Just like when you first became a mom, it was a complete adjustment but you figure it out as you go. There is no one way to become a successful mompreneur but here are 3 things that you should keep in mind while you put in work.

#1 Passion will keep you past exhaustion.  As a Mom we all have a large responsibility, you take care of you and everyone else. What will keep you, when your doing your normal day to day task and achieving your business goals is the passion for what your doing. Ask your self is this is something you can do day in and day out because ultimately as a “mompreneur” one of your goals is to work from home. When you’re passion it about it, sleep is the last of your concerns. Self fulfillment is what drives you, wakes you up early and gives you the energy for long nights. There is nothing better than see your business goals come to fruition. Don’t get me wrong this is a trying task but it can be done and people do it everyday,  if you want more you have to do more. You have to dig deep and push past it, there will be days that you fill that you have nothing left, but the key is knowing what your capable of, I’m definitely not saying to skip sleep but you will definitely have to sacrifice a large amount of sleep in your journey to entrepreneurship. Which leads me to my next lesson.

#2 No time is the right time. Be so committed to your business and end goals that you use whatever time you have to push yourself one step closer. I personally have tried everything, working during naps, before school after school, between meals, lunch breaks, between jobs. And the truth is NO TIME IS THE RIGHT TIME. The key to this is not let anything discourage you from getting ..ish done! With a family there will always be things that come up and alter the time that you attempted to set aside to do your work or finish a project. Believe me let go of the time and what seemed like the ideal time for you to work. You fit it in were you can get it in and you keep it moving. Consistency is what will make it all work and fall into place. Planning is great but don’t restrict your self to such rigid timeline because you will ultimately find yourself more frustrated and stressed, try in set weekly goals rather than daily goals. Your time is what you make it.

#3 Promote yourself. So after you have put in all the hard work don’t forget to promote your business. Talk about your business wherever you go, carry business cards. Speak about your business like its a business, not a hobby and do not let people down play what you have to offer. Being a mom is one thing but running a successful business and being a mom takes tactical work everyday so do yourself a favor and SPEAK UP and STAND OUT!

Now its all up to you. Think about your end goal and what you define as success. How your business is perceived makes a world of difference, don’t create a hobby, create a business and commit to it’s success.