13 Quotes From Myleik That Will Prep Your Mindset For 2019

Myleik! Myleik! Myleik! She has yet to fail me! This past weekend I had the privilege of flying from St. Louis to Atlanta to attend the My Taught You Live Podcast. I am a faithful follower of all things Myleik! I have all of her journals, I have her Feelings Aren’t Facts coffee mug, and I’ve listened to all of her podcast and some even more than once. What can I say? I’m a huge fan of Myleik’s personal brand. When Myleik announced her dates for the live podcast I immediately marked my calendar to remember to purchase tickets. November 17, 2018 came and my life will never be the same. It’s something about being in the room. It’s something about seeing something up close. It’s something about being in the presence of people who are also pursuing greatness. Well I’m assuming people want to be great if they follow Myleik. She is an amazing woman, an inspiration, and a role model to me and I know for many others.

As Myleik dropped golden nuggets I couldn’t help but to think about 2019. Every year my goal is to become better, wiser, and efficient. So as I listened I started to realize that some of these quotes were a part of my personal reflection and on my 2019 goal list. Check out a few of my favorite quotes along with my personal reflection from the My Taught You Live Podcast.

  1. When you wake up, get up. (Reflection: No snoozing. No scrolling on social media. Just get up and get your day started. #My2019Goal)

  2. I wasn’t dope at first. (Reflection: Greatness takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight.)

  3. Sacrifices aren’t forever. (Reflection: Sacrifice and plant the seeds now so you reap the benefits of your hard work in the near future.)

  4. Your ego is the reason why you haven’t mastered your craft. (Reflection: Your ego will keep you from greatness.)

  5. You must pursue your passion with reckless abandon. (Reflection: Go after what you want. Point! Blank! Period! Side Note: It might get a little crazy!)

  6. Create something people love and they will follow. (Reflection: Be valuable to others. #My2019Goal)

  7. Nothing I’ve walked away from was ever missed. (Reflection: I walked away from it so it must’ve been holding me back mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.)

  8. I like to be around people who like to talk about money. (Reflection: Nothing is cute about being broke.)

  9. Giving myself the space to grow and figure it out. (Reflection: Take the time to figure out who you are and what you want to do with your life.)

  10. Contribute First. (Reflection: GIVE MORE! #My2019Goal)

  11. Everything is going to get better. (Reflection: Hard work. Boss Moves. Faith. Goal Setting.)

  12. Approach everything you do with the long term in mind. (Reflection: Marathon Mindset #MyTaughtYou)

  13. My time is my time. (Reflection: Use it wisely. Stop wasting time. #My2019Goal)

Traveling from St.Louis to Atlanta to see Myleik was definitely worth the investment. I expected nothing but a life changing experience and I got just that plus more. If you’re not familiar with Myleik be sure to check her out at www.mytaughtyou.com. In the mean time be sure to like, share, and leave a comment on which quote resonated with you the most. If you want the Myleik inspired phone wallpapers for the month CLICK HERE.

Photo Credit: Mecca Gamble