Would You Quit Your Job?

I did it! I finally quit my job. But guess what else? I did it without replacing my income source.

Yes, I know it's crazy, and many other adjectives. What brought me to this place, you might be wondering? Well, I am a blogger, stylist, entrepreneur, and freelance writer after 5 pm, and before 5 pm I am (was) an accountant. And like many of you, I HATED MY JOB! The kind of hate where you call out 'sick' and end up really getting sick just to extend your leave of absence. The kind of hate where I barely talked to anyone at work. The kind of hate where the pay did not matter.

So I decided, three weeks ago, to quit that place, focus on school, my entrepreneurial goals, and finding a job that I may like. And what did it take? Well, savings of course, and a plan to make money in the interim if I don't get a job before the end of summer, or my money runs out. The amount that I saved would cover living expenses for myself, and my son for the next 6 months.

The options for making money include: driving Uber ($100/day=$3000/m) I did this during the summer last year and made a killing. Be sure to drive during rush hour to consistently work, and within 4-5 hours your $100 should be made. 

Another option will be to sell my old furniture. When I moved last year I put loads of furniture into storage, if it comes down to it I will sell the couch, dining room set, and TV stand I grew to love. 

The third option is to work as a waitress at a fancy restaurant. A few people I know have quit full time slavery and work weekends and evenings at places like Ruth Chris, Mastros and other local 5 star restaurants. Be prepared to be quizzed on menu items, drink recipes and a trial run to serve a manager or supervisor. 

Have any of you taken a leap of faith? Tell me your stories below in the comment section.