10 Hacks That Can Help You Spend Less So You Can Invest More


Hey ladies! Did you know a survey provided by SurveyUp.com revealed that men save 28% more for retirement compared to women?  What does 28% look like?  Well let’s just say the average man has about $50K in his 401K compared to a woman who has $39K in her 401K.  Well ladies below are 10 tips to help you cut back on your spending so you could use towards your financial future.  Some of you are probably thinking like hey I’m not retiring for another 30 years.  Yes that may be true however, the earlier the better and you will thank yourself 30 years down the road.  


1. Take advantage of the library.  Not only can you check out books for free but you can also print for free with a library card.  The St. Louis Public Library gives you $30 on your library card to pay for prints.  So before you spend money at kinkos or use all of your personal ink, contact your local library to find out all the perks offered with a library card. 

2. Purchase your toiletries and cleaning supplies from your local Dollar Store.  Big name stores such as Walmart and Target sale “name brand” items and ultimately you’re paying for the name and not the product.  The same ingredients found in name brand items are also found in many of the off brand products.   Don’t believe me? Just look at the label.  You can save a dollar or two on each product if you shop at the dollar store.  Also, some dollar stores such as Dollar General sales name brand items at a discounted rate.

3. Do your own nails.  Depending on the nail shop you can walk out spending $30 or more on manicures and pedicures.  If you go twice a month you’re easily spending $60 or more.  If you do your nails 6 months out of the year you can save $360 per year.    

4. Need new clothes?  Well before you splurge on that new jacket (my personal addiction) try reconstructing your old clothes.  You can add spikes, cut up shirts, cut jeans into shorts, add a few zippers, or cut off the sleeves.  You can get fancy and very creative.  If you need any tips just use YouTube or Pinterest for inspiration.  So try reconstructing clothes before you swipe the card. 

5. Well if you absolutely need new clothes try eBay, resale/trading shops, or goodwill.  Some people turn their noses up at resale shops but hey if it is not stained and it looks decent more than likely it’s worth the few dollars.  Some of my personal favorites come from resale shops and the goodwill.  You’re saving money and upgrading your wardrobe without breaking the bank.  (Please keep in mind that it might be $3 or $5 but that does not mean go on the regular basis because money can add up pretty quickly.)

6. Going out to eat?  Instead of spending an extra $3-$10 on soda or alcohol drink water.  I never came across a restaurant that charges for water and if they did I would walk out.  Look at it like this; you will be saving money and calories.

7. Skip your daily coffee and donut run.  The average cup of coffee at Starbucks cost $2.45, which is almost $15 a week.  Even if you cut out 3 days you are saving about $25 a month.  See how things can quickly add up?

8. Go to the movies on promo nights.  Some theatres have $5 Wednesdays or $5 movies before 5pm.  Contact your local movie theatres and ask about their weekly specials.

9.    Do you want to save even more money on a movie?  Well just rent a red box.  If you return a movie from red box the next day you’re only spending $1.40 on a movie, compared to $10 or more on a movie ticket. 

10. Bring your lunch to prevent spending $6 or more on fast food.  If you buy your lunch 5 days a week that comes out to $30 a week, $120 a month, and $1440 a year.  Yikes! Numbers don’t lie.


If you want to start saving more money try these tips and I guarantee you will see an increase in your savings and a big decrease in your spending.  I hope these tips help and I wish you well on your financial journey.