Why SquareSpace

Whether you have your own operating business or not, you know how important it is to have a website. Having a website that's effective and efficient, both on the backend - for you, and the frontend - for your customers and clients. Your website is used to build your email lists, sell your products, and establishes you in the online world.

But, websites are expensive to get professionally designed, right? I know.

Or maybe you can do it yourself, but are you spending more time trying to get your website to look right, than you are actually creating content and products? 

I'm a DIY kind of girl so when I found out about Squarespace a few years ago you can imagine my excitement. It's better than any other platform I've used. And before you ask --- Yes, I've had Wix, Weebly and Wordpress-based websites in the past. Now, I'm a member of Squarespace Circle, a community for creative professionals who build websites for clients on Squarespace.

Here's a few [really good] reasons why you should choose Squarespace for your brand and business' website:

Drag + Drop Design

Squarespace's drag and drop feature is really enough to hook you. Of course, there are other platforms with this feature but Squarespace has [basically] perfected it. This feature gives you the ability to drag and drop "blocks" of content and re-size them with ease.

For example, if you add in an image and drop it in a text box, the text will automatically wrap around it. Want to change how wide the image is? Just put your mouse on the edge of the picture and drag; Squarespace will crop it for you. Super useful, super simple. No coding necessary, no math involved.

The option to use code, but you don't have to.

Want to add some extra flare to your site? Though Squarespace doesn't require any coding, it definitely allows Code Injection. Check out Square Studio for some ideas or even purchase some code to inject into your site. 

Newsletter Boxes

These days, you don't often visit a website that doesn't have a newsletter opt-in box. With platforms like Wordpress, this feature usually requires buying the right plugin or knowing how to code one in order for it to be customized for your brand. Now, you won't be caught without one because Squarespace makes it super easy. Remember that "drag and drop" feature? All you'll need to do is drop in a newsletter box where you want it. Once its in, you can customize it to say what you want and connect it to your email list service, like Mailchimp. Done.


You need a call-to-action. "Learn More," "Read More," "Sign Up," and "Add to cart" buttons are priceless. Squarespace allows you to have 3 different sized buttons and you can customize them by changing their colors and styles. 

Announcement Bar

With this built-in feature, you can easily let your visitors know you have a webinar coming up or you're running a seasonal sale on products. Squarespace lets you quickly enable or disable your announcement bar, change the text and add a few other customizations. 

Mobile Responsive

 These days, most people browse the internet on their phones. That means its imperative that your website be mobile-friendly. You've seen those websites that are great on a desktop, but when you pull it up on your phone its all jumbled and things are misplaced. This delivers your visitors a bad experience. They shouldn't have to wait to get to a desktop or laptop to get the content they wanted from your website. Chances are they'll forget or be annoyed and won't be back. Not only does Squarespace seamlessly transition based on screen size, it also allows you to view, in live mode, what each page of your website will look like based on the device your audience is on.

Style Editor

Okay, if we're talking easy customization, Squarespace's style editor has no match. While viewing your website, you can change the formatting and the changes happen instantly.  

What customizations can you make? We're talking fonts, colors, sizes, button styles, header transparency, pretty much everything. While in the Style Editor, you can select any part of your website, and it will show you the design options affecting that specific part of your website. This tool is powerful and a TIME. SAVER.


Cover Pages

Cover Pages in Squarespace are extremely powerful, versatile, and easy to use. Not quite ready to launch your site? Create a "Coming Soon" page in a matter of clicks. Or even create a "Thank You" page as a landing page for when visitors make donations to your business.


Each Cover Page you create has its very own Style Editor and Settings. This means you can customize your Cover Page without affecting the style of the rest of your site! 


Ready to try it out? Squarespace offers a 14-day free trial. And I know you'll be hooked so let me say it's not expensive at all. For a personal-use website it's $12/month billed annually or $16 month to month. For business websites of any size it's $18/month billed annually or $26 month to month.


F.Y.I - choosing a business package gets you unlimited pages, galleries, blogs and contributors with $100 Google AdWords Credit, professional email from Google and 2% sales transaction fee - just a few extra perks and differences from the personal package.