Summer Time Blues? 5 Tips To Keep You Focused During the Summer

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Ever since we were little kids we have been programmed to take off during the summer.  We are sleeping longer, going on multiple vacations, and attending party after party.  Well, now that we are becoming bosses, we can’t take the summer off.  If anything we are grinding even harder to stay ahead and preparing to power out the remainder of the year.  Now I’m not saying that you can’t take a vacation, because vacations are good for the soul.  However, if your business is not booming and you cannot comfortably live off your business income, then you need to be grinding during these summer months.  Believe me, I know it’s hard to stay focused during the summer but I provided some tips to help you stick with the grind even when the pool parties and picnics are calling your name.

  1. Dedicate a certain amount of hours to your business each day.  Bosses really don’t have days off, so setting aside time to work on your business will help you progress and you will have time to enjoy your summer.  So maybe you work 8-10 hours on Monday, 6-7 hours Tuesday and Wednesday, 5 hours on Thursday and Friday, and 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday.  It is solely up to you.  However, I recommend that you work on your business every day because it is very easy to fall behind.

  2. Do not attend every single event.  The summer is filled with events and parties but that doesn’t mean you have to attend every single one.  I’ve had to turn down parties and out of town trips just so I can focus on my business.  Each month decide on the events you will attend so you can plan accordingly.

  3. Hire Help.  Students are out for the summer and that means summer internships and summer jobs.  If you would like to take it easy this summer hire some help and allow them to take on that load.  Summer interns are great for taking phone calls, replying to emails, managing social media, assisting with events, designing flyers, etc.  Step back and allow someone else to handle the busy work.

  4. Stay Hydrated.  If you haven’t noticed, global warming is real.  It has been uncomfortably hot since the spring which is why staying hydrated is very important. Science shows that when people are dehydrated they lack energy, are irritable, and are unable to focus.  So before you grab the coffee, tea, and lemonade, be sure to grab a glass of water first.  Remember you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces.  So if you are 145 pounds you should be consuming 72 ounces of water per day which is equivalent to 9 cups.

  5. Join some sort of summer fitness class.  Staying active will help keep your brain healthy which is definitely crucial because we use our brain to think. Exercising also keeps the stress off and helps to fight off diseases.  Stress and diseases can take a person out, so get to a gym, swim class, pole dancing class, yoga, hip hop class, and get to work.  

The summer months are always lit,. but if we want to grow our businesses and stay ahead we must grind it out in the summer.  Now do take some time off because we all need a vacation from the grind, but do not vacation too long unless your business is lit.  My business is not lit just yet but it will be and guess what yours will be too if you keep making power moves.  I hope you enjoy your summer, stay hydrated, stay cool, and don’t forget to Respect The Grind.