The Importance of a To Do List

Are you disorganized? Or do you have a habit of forgetting to complete important tasks? You are not alone. Along with these two issues I have a habit of making a list of a plethora of things I need to get accomplished that never get accomplished. Yes, it is important to make a 'to-do list', but it's also important to make this list do-able. Here are a few tips for setting these goals:

1. Be realistic. If you are making a list of tasks to be completed in one day, try to keep the list between 3-5 things. On a regular day my list may consist of: 1. Workout 2. Laundry 3. Edit Blog Post. This short list can be daunting, especially during a work week when these tasks have to begin at 6 PM and be done in between homework with my son, dinner and other things I have during my evening routines. When being realistic you have to take into account what you're regular schedule entails and work around that.

2. Prioritize. For entrepreneurs there are always unfinished duties. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your empire. Set a deadline for certain tasks and create your to-do list based off of that date. By knowing when something should be completed it makes it easier to create a map for that destination. Knock off the most important tasks first, and then proceed to knocking the next ones off.

3. Make your list the day before. In the evening you can prepare for the next day, which will save you loads of time. So while your picking out the clothes for tomorrow, meal prepping and lunch packing, start looking at the tasks you weren't able to accomplish and add that to tomorrow's list OR begin the fresh new list. If you know what needs to be done beforehand you'll find time throughout your work day (if you're a 9-5'er like me) to get some things done.

My supervisor provided me with tablets with to-do list pages. So each day I'll complete a page, rip it off and start a new. Click Here to get your to-do list pages. Hope this helps you all with prioritizing and organizing!!